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Canada is often celebrated as a multicultural nation but that doesn’t mean racism isn’t a present and pervasive force here. From interpersonal racism to institutional racism, from micro-aggressions to colour-blindness, racism is sadly a pervasive force in Canadian society. The most troubling problem is with our reflexive denials. Let’s consider implicit bias in public institutions.... Continue Reading →

E-magazines At Your Fingertips!

Magazines have been a tricky collection to maintain in recent years; many titles have ceased publishing in print format, and the glossy and colourful pages use a lot of resources for something that is usually purchased and read by one reader. There are also some publications that are not available to be shipped to Canada.... Continue Reading →

Getting out in Nature

Summer is here and the lock down is over, finally. If you are anything like me, then the thought of getting outdoors and hopefully away somewhere, has turned to a craving. Whether it’s heading out to camp, tenting in a provincial park or simply slipping on some comfortable footwear to take a long walk in nature,... Continue Reading →

Celebrating National Indigenous Peoples Day

This June 21, 2021 is the national 25th anniversary of celebrating the heritage, diverse cultures and outstanding achievements of First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples! Celebrate National Indigenous Peoples Day by taking advantage of the variety of resources available at your Library. Over the last several years, TBPL has been working on creating and expanding each of our... Continue Reading →

Raising Earth-Friendly Kids

Parents today are understandably concerned with raising children who care about the planet. There are many ways to teach them to protect their immediate surroundings, and more importantly, planet Earth!  A great approach is through books. Countless children’s books at the Thunder Bay Public Library offer meaningful information about saving the planet by exploring topics... Continue Reading →

Celebrate Canadian Authors

Canada is known for many things -- beautiful landscapes, amazing cuisine (think poutine and maple syrup), outdoor sports and of course for the multicultural fabric of our communities. But did you know we also have some of the most amazing authors? With Canada Day just around the corner, why not celebrate by reading some of... Continue Reading →

Interlibrary Loans

The Thunder Bay Public Library offers a huge collection of items available for you to borrow, but unfortunately we cannot carry absolutely everything!  If you want to borrow an item we don’t have in our library catalogue, you can suggest that we purchase it or you can try out our interlibrary loan service.  Interlibrary loans... Continue Reading →


When you think back on the story of your life, do you ever think about writing a book? The beauty of reading memoirs and autobiographies is that, no matter how interesting a person’s life may be, everyone comes from different cultures, backgrounds and experiences, so there is always something to learn. Some give us something... Continue Reading →

Book Podcasts

Are you in a reading rut? When you are a fan of a certain genre, it can be easy to read so many similar books that you end up asking yourself, have I read this one already? When the book covers all start to blur together and you can solve the mystery by page twenty,... Continue Reading →

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