Jump over to Entertainment Weekly for a brief interview with Gabaldon answering some burning questions about this latest installment, or click here to read the first book in the Outlander series.

Book Nerds Unite!

If you're a Facebook user you might have noticed a note spreading around called "Book Nerds Unite" (or something to that extent). It asks you to write down the 15 books that have stuck with you over the years (and to not over think it, just say what comes to mind). Instead of posting my... Continue Reading →

Dinner and a Murder (The Final Clue)

Dinner and a Murder Murder and Mayhem at the Library! Congratulations to our Grand Prize Winner and Ultimate Sleuth..... Genevieve Cernjul! She and a guest will be enjoying a meal at the Valhalla Inn. Thank you to the many participants this summer,  together reading more than 170 different books. Please join us again next year!... Continue Reading →

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