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Canada is known for many things — beautiful landscapes, amazing cuisine (think poutine and maple syrup), outdoor sports and of course for the multicultural fabric of our communities. But did you know we also have some of the most amazing authors? With Canada Day just around the corner, why not celebrate by reading some of Canada’s best authors. Here are some of my favourite books for children by Canadian authors and illustrators that you can find at the Thunder Bay Public Library.

Julie Flett is a Cree-Métis author and illustrator who creates the most vibrant books that will catch the attention of any child or adult. One of my favourite books she illustrated is called My Heart Fills with Happiness which depicts small things that fill a heart with happiness such as holding a loved one’s hand, the smell of bannock cooking, and the sun on your face. This book not only has beautiful illustrations but it also reminds people big and small of the little things that make us feel loved and happy. Her book Birdsong, which I highly recommend, is about a young girl moving to a small town who is struggling with feeling lonely when she meets an elderly woman and finds they both love birds. But as the older woman’s health starts to fail, the girl faces new struggles. It’s a beautiful story that was the winner of the 2020 TD Canadian Children’s Literature Award. Flett is an amazing and talented author and illustrator and I would recommend any child or adult to sit and read her amazing stories.

cover of Birdsong

My next Canadian author is also one near and dear to Thunder Bay – Sheila Burnford! Burnford wrote the novel The Incredible Journey that was later turned into a movie by Disney in 1963. The Incredible Journey is about two dogs and a cat whose family leaves for England. Missing their human companions, the animals leave to cross the Canadian wilderness to find their family. It’s a beautiful tale and is an amazing part of Thunder Bay history!

cover of The Incredible Journey

Finding a Canadian author who is a master of writing for children, teens, and adults can be a difficult task. Luckily for us, my favourite Canadian author is able to write for a variety of audiences.  Kelley Armstrong has written over 70 books, short stories, graphic novels, and even has a TV series based on one of her series called Bitten. She primarily writes fantasy novels with werewolves, vampires, and even Norse mythology. You can find her books all over the library. She has children’s books about monster hunting called A Royal Guide to Monster Slaying, which is about a young princess who is preparing to be queen while her twin brother prepares to be a monster slayer. Rowen would much rather learn how to fight monsters than learn to be queen and will stop at nothing to be who she wants to be. Kelley Armstrong has always created wonderful worlds with strong female characters who never give up in a fight. If you’re looking for adventure, I would highly recommend checking out anything written by her.

The Thunder Bay Public Library is filled with Canadian authors and illustrators. If you’d like to have staff place a hold on some of them for you, head to www.tbpl.ca/readers for details.

If you need a library card to access some of these titles or to check out our digital offerings, please give us a call at 345-8275 from Monday through Friday from 10 am to 4 pm and we’ll set you up.  You can also email us at comments@tbpl.ca with your details and we can take care of it virtually. 

Did you hear?  We stopped charging late fees back in January 2020 – and, effective June 1, 2021, TBPL has taken the additional step of wiping all library records clear of late fees and charges.  Enjoy a fresh start at your library!

Patience – www.tbpl.ca. If you have a comment about today’s column, we would love to hear from you.

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