Readers’ Advisory – Amish Fiction

Amish fiction is an increasingly popular sub-genre of Christian fiction. Featuring a host of Amish characters, these novels are often referred to as “bonnet rippers,” and are not always as tame as you might expect.

*(CL) means that titles by this author are available through Cloud Library, but if you prefer the hard copy version, they’re all available for loan. Simply place a hold on any items you’re interested in through our online library catalogue.








Isabella Alan (CL)

Erin Bates

Jennifer Beckstrand (CL)

Laura Bradford (CL)

Linda Byler (CL)

Barbara Cameron (CL)

Linda Castillo (CL)

Mindy Starns Clark (CL)

Amy Clipston (CL)

Lori Copeland (CL)






W. Dale Cramer (CL)

Patricia Davids (CL)

Jerry S. Eicher (CL)

Mary Ellis (CL)

Suzanne Woods Fisher (CL)

Kathleen Fuller (CL)

Paul L. Gaus

Leslie Gould (CL)

Shelley Shepard Gray (CL)

Karen Harper (CL)






B. J. Hoff

Karen Ann Hopkins (CL)

Charlotte Hubbard (CL)

Kelly Irvin (CL)

Cynthia Keller (CL)

Julie Kramer

Rosalind Lauer (CL)

Beverly Lewis (CL)

David Lewis (CL)

Amy Lillard (CL)






Kelly Long (CL)

Emma Miller (CL)

Tamar Myers (CL)

Olivia Newport (CL)

Marta Perry (CL)

Sarah Price (CL)

Murray Pura (CL)

Ruth Reid (CL)

Kim Vogel Sawyer (CL)

Beth Wiseman (CL)

Cindy Woodsmall (CL)


Story Collections:

An Amish Christmas: December in Lancaster County: four Amish Christmas novellas, by Barbara Cameron, Beth Wiseman, Kathleen Fuller, and Kelly Long

An Amish picnic: four stories, by Amy Clipston, Kelly Irvin, Kathleen Fuller, & Vannetta Chapman


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