Northern Nature Trading

NNT bugs and seedsHave you visited the Northern Nature Trading program at the Mary J.L. Black Library yet? Located in the Commons Room, Northern Nature Trading (NNT) is an interactive program developed by Science North and has been available to the public at Mary J.L. Black since early 2016. Open to all ages, the program encourages people to discover nature and bring in items to trade such as rocks, fossils, pine cones, and shells. However, before you bring anything in to trade, the item must be clean and in good condition. There are also some things in nature that we ask that you leave where you find them. NNT does not accept bird’s nests, eggs, dead animals or living animals and plants. We also ask that you only bring items that are common in nature and not protected by law.

When you bring an item in to trade, you are awarded points which are tracked in the NNT membership system. Points are awarded when you tell us what you know about the item, such as where you found it, what it is, and what makes it different from similar ones, and the condition the item is in. Use the points you have collected to “purchase” one of the items in NNT. There is a large collection of rocks, polished stones, minerals, gems, shells, fossils, pinecones and preserved insects.

NNT activity tableThis year we have set up an activity table in NNT with fun and educational activities.  Children can use the rubbing plates to create works of art while becoming familiar with leaf patterns and animal tracks, take a closer look at nature with the microscope, discover the life cycle of a butterfly, ladybug and ant with the model sets, or use the rock hardness kits to learn more about the rocks in our area. We also have guidebooks on hand to help you identify the item you bring in.

NNT is open Tuesdays from 6pm-8pm, Wednesdays from 3pm-5pm and Saturdays from 2pm-4pm. For the months of July and August, the hours will change to Tuesdays from 5pm-8pm and Wednesdays from 2pm-5pm. We also offer class visits to NNT. Teachers can book a session by calling 345-8275 ext. 7302.

Until the end of summer, we will be awarding 500 free trading points when you sign up for a TBPL Library card. If you already have a Library card, show us when you visit NNT and we will award a free 300 points. Visit Northern Nature Trading at Mary J.L. Black Library and enjoy a new interactive experience at your Library.

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