On the Sea by John Keats

On the Sea

It keeps eternal whisperings around 
Desolate shores, and with its mighty swell 
Gluts twice ten thousand caverns, till the spell 
Of Hecate leaves them their old shadowy sound. 
Often ’tis in such gentle temper found, 
That scarcely will the very smallest shell 
Be moved for days from whence it sometime fell, 
When last the winds of heaven were unbound. 
Oh ye! who have your eye-balls vexed and tired, 
Feast them upon the wideness of the Sea; 
Oh ye! whose ears are dinned with uproar rude, 
Or fed too much with cloying melody, – 
Sit ye near some old cavern’s mouth, and brood 
Until ye start, as if the sea-nymphs choired!

John Keats, October 31st, 1795 to February 23, 1981the sea

John Keats was a major influence on the English Romantic poetry movement during the early part of the 19th century. Sadly, Keats, who died young at only 26 , was not lauded while he was alive. His work went on to inspire major later poets including Alfred, Lord Tennyson.

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