Read This Next – Zombies

Notes from the upcoming July 3 edition of Read This Next. Watch this and past episodes on the TBPL Facebook page or YouTube channel. Highlights from cloudLibrary: GARDENING FOR THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE by Isabel Lloyd and Phil Clarke Climate change? Brexit? Screaming brain-biters? Don't lose the plot – this book can help! Irreverent, straightforward and... Continue Reading →

Beyond Stephen King

One of the first things you notice working in a library is how books seem to come in trends. Once a subject is popular every publisher rushes to put out a book on a similar theme, sometimes by commissioning a work to be written, sometimes by pulling something from their backlist of older works  but usually... Continue Reading →

Interview with Chris Roberson

Chris Roberson is the co-creator, along with artist Michael Allred, of the iZOMBIE comics, which are the basis of the hit CW television series, and the writer of several New York Times best-selling Cinderella miniseries set in the world of Bill Willingham's Fables. He is also the co-creator of Edison Rex with artist Dennis Culver,... Continue Reading →

Ashes & Shadows by Ilsa J Bick

Our protagonist in Ashes is Alex, a teenage girl who has decided to take back control of her life by not accepting further treatment for her brain tumour. After years of unsuccessful chemo and experimental treatments, she has taken the ashes of her dead parents for a hike and plans to scatter them. She runs... Continue Reading →


In the middle of this zombie craze, most people are reaching for The Walking Dead.  But if you're not interested in a gritty and often depressing story, you might want to give iZombie a try instead.  iZombie is the story of Gwen, a zombie who needs to eat at least one brain a month or she'll... Continue Reading →

The Walking Dead

I wanted to know what all the fuss was about The Walking Dead so I started reading the graphic novels.  The Walking Dead follows Rick, a cop who was shot on the job and awakens from a coma to find that the nursing staff have abandoned the hospital (and him).  Wandering around he finds undead... Continue Reading →

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