Oppressive Intimacy of Technology

Listen to the episode on your favourite podcast platform by searching for Read This Next, listen through your web browser, or watch on our YouTube channel. Place your TPBL holds for print books through our online catalogue, or search for eBooks through cloudLibrary. For full details about these titles and all the books we’ve mentioned on the show, go... Continue Reading →

The Work of Caitlin Doughty

I first became aware of Caitlin Doughty when I encountered her videos on YouTube; her channel is called Ask a Mortician. The videos are entertaining and informative while still being respectful of the subject matter. Caitlin is a mortician who is the co-owner of a funeral home in Los Angeles and is a graduate of... Continue Reading →

Read This Next

Are you a reader who likes personal recommendations and some conversation about their next reads, but doesn’t have time to watch a video episode? The Read This Next podcast is here for you! Find us on your favourite podcast platform like Apple podcasts or Stitcher and search for Read This Next. You can stream or... Continue Reading →

Things To Do If You’re Feeling Blue

Normally, this is the time of year when the winter blues hit.  Months of cold, dark days start taking their toll. Add to this the isolation COVID-19 has forced upon us, and many of us are left with feelings of anxiety and loneliness and are not sure how to cope. Thankfully, Thunder Bay Public Library... Continue Reading →

Online Programming @ Your Library

While many of us were hoping for a return to in person programming this fall, it simply isn’t our reality for 2020.  Instead, we have embraced the opportunity to provide our core children’s programming online and are finding some hidden benefits!  Join us virtually for what will be a different kind of fall program season. ... Continue Reading →

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