Hearts On A String by Kris Radish

There’s a new book by one of my favourite authors. She wrote Anne Freeman’s Fabulous Traveling Funeral. I’ve talked about that book before, so I won’t bore you again. Her new book hooked me right from the start. The prologue starts with a young girl going for a walk with her great-grandmother. I loved the... Continue Reading →

Such a pretty fat

Now this was fun to read. I can't think of anything better to do on a dull rainy weekend. Well...maybe a few things. This was my third Jen Lancaster book and I highly recommend it.  This is what author Jennifer Cobourn has to say about this author "Jen Lancaster is like David Sedaris with pearls... Continue Reading →

‘Tis the season

With less than 8 months till Christmas, I thought I'd mention Lorna Landvik's latest novel 'Tis The Season!.  A 26 year old socialite Caroline Dixon sets out to atone to all the people she has managed to alienate with her drinking over the years.  In particular there were 2 people she wants to make amends... Continue Reading →

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