Chick Lit

Every so often I find myself perusing the shelves in search of a book with a glossy cover that has a splash of pink taffeta, stiletto heels, or any other of the score of stereotypical images associated with the chick lit genre. You can often spot them a mile away, which makes the search that... Continue Reading →

Lords of Two Lands

Let me introduce you to one of my favorite series and themes. Lords of the Two Lands trilogy (1998 -2000) by Pauline Gedge The Hippopotamus Marsh: Lords of the Two Lands, Volume One The Oasis: Lords of the Two Lands, Volume Two The Horus Road: Lords of the Two Lands, Volume Three A chronicle of... Continue Reading →

That Old Black Magic

Stories about magic are as old the first humans gathered about the campfire, we read fairytales to children and teens gravitate to fantasy novels, but somehow no matter how old we get the fascination with magic and the otherworldly remains.   Whether it is the magic of love, of food or of birth, the link between women... Continue Reading →

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