International Women’ Day

International Women's Day is an opportunity for everyone to celebrate the milestones and accomplishments of fascinating and fearless women throughout history.         Rosa Parks: My Story, by Rosa Parks Rosalind Franklin and the Structure of Life, by Jane Polcovar Canadian Women in the Sky: 100 Years of Flight, by Elizabeth Gillan Muir... Continue Reading →

Interview with Kim Moritsugu

Kim Moritsugu holds a BA and MBA from the University of Toronto, and worked several years in a corporate setting before becoming a novelist. Moritsugu’s novels include Looks Perfect, a romantic comedy shortlisted for the Toronto Book Award; The Glenwood  Treasure, a literary mystery shortlisted for the Arthur Ellis Best Crime Novel Award; The Restoration of... Continue Reading →

Out, By Natsuo Kirino

Not a book for the faint of heart, Out is Japanese author, Kirino’s, first novel translated into English. It is, however, as equally interesting and insightful as it is macabre and grisly. Interesting in that it provides a soapbox for Kirino’s sentiments about Japanese society and the role of women within it, and grisly in... Continue Reading →

Sweetness in the Belly, by Camilla Gibb

Camilla Gibb’s talent as an insightful and highly credible story teller is once again demonstrated in this, her third novel. Having spent two years in Ethiopia doing field research towards her PhD in social anthropology, she has a privileged connection with its religious, political and social practices. Sweetness in the Belly provides us with a... Continue Reading →

Homeland by Barbara Hambly

I’ve just finished reading Homeland by Barbara Hambly. It was recommended by a recently retired Librarian who knows my reading style so well. The book is based on letters exchanged between two women during the American Civil War. Set in the time of North versus South their friendship manages to survive. Cora Poole is a... Continue Reading →

The Future Homemakers of America

The Future Homemakers Of America by Laurie Graham covers the joys and sorrows of six women. It begins in 1952 and spans 40 years. While Peggy Dewey’s husband Vern is on assignment in England she meets other Air Force wives -  Audrey, Gayle, Lois and Betty. She also meets a British woman, Kath.  Circumstances bring... Continue Reading →

Such a pretty fat

Now this was fun to read. I can't think of anything better to do on a dull rainy weekend. Well...maybe a few things. This was my third Jen Lancaster book and I highly recommend it.  This is what author Jennifer Cobourn has to say about this author "Jen Lancaster is like David Sedaris with pearls... Continue Reading →

Prayers For Sale by Sandra Dallas

I've been a big fan of Sandra Dallas ever since I read "The Persian Pickle Club" (thanks Cathy H. for that recommendation).  Her latest work is my kind of book. It revolves around the friendship of two women - 86 year old Hennie Comfort and 17 year old Nit Spindle. Although I'm nowhere near 17... Continue Reading →

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