High Concept Romantic Comedies

This week on Read This Next, Laura and Nicole are talking high concept romantic comedies. Wondering what that is, exactly? It's the sort of plot that can be described in a sentence or two - the ones that get made into movies, like two people get stuck in a broken down elevator. Check out these... Continue Reading →

Fall Teen Programs and Events

Hello my fellow bookworms! Fall is on its way which means a whole new season of teen events are now in the works! As I said last month, our events have found a new home on Discord, where you can log-in, visit with friends, and access fun events like JackBox TV for game night! The... Continue Reading →

National Poetry Month

National Poetry Month is coming up quickly! With the sun peeking out, snow melting, and everything in flux, there is plenty of inspiration for the poets out there. I’m personally a fan of Emily Dickinson - and we have many books about her and her poems! Writing poetry can be extremely cathartic but sometimes it’s... Continue Reading →

New Decade, New Library Programs

‘Tis the season to go skiing, sledding, and skidooing but soon the New Year will be upon us and the Library likes to plan ahead! You could say we have…2020 vision...And so should you! For Thunder Bay’s teens and tweens we’re revving up for a winter/spring season filled with fun stuff but if you’re looking... Continue Reading →

The Chaos by Nalo Hopkinson

There were many, many things I really liked about The Chaos. I loved how real Scotch's voice was and her interactions with her brother and family rang very true for me. It may be a cliche for the teen girl to change into more conservative, parent-approved clothes before heading home, but it helps establish Scotch's... Continue Reading →

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