YOUth Review: The Dogs by Allan Stratton

The Dogs is a hopeful and suspenseful nail-biting thriller written by Allan Stratton, about a boy and his mother on the run from his ostensible father.  Their fleeing from the father brings the family many places, including Wolf Hallow, where Cameron and his mother finally, but not preferably, settle down into their new home. The... Continue Reading →

New and Upcoming October 2018 Fiction

Andrews, Ilona Archer, Jeffrey Atkinson, Kate Baldacci, David Beaton, M C Brown, Rita Mae Child, Lee Childs, Laura Cleeves, Ann Connelly, Michael Cornwell, Bernard Cussler, Clive Deveraux, Jude Ellison, J.T. Eskens, Allen Evanovich, Janet Feehan, Christine Fluke, Joanne Galbraith, Robert Grisham, John Harkness, Deborah E Harris, Charlaine Hilderbrand, Elin Hosseini, Khaled Kellerman, Faye Kenyon, Sherrilyn... Continue Reading →

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