Back to School

Well, we’ve done it. As this article comes out, students will have finished up the first week of school. We can all take a - very small - sigh of relief that we got through it. Whether or not you are a parent, having kids in our community go back to school in pandemic times... Continue Reading →

Lunch Box Ideas

Regardless of what school might look like for your children this fall, they’re going to need lunch!  Your Library can help make this part of the day stress-free, with these cookbooks. The school year survival book : healthy recipes and sanity-saving strategies for every family and every meal (even snacks) by Laura Keogh and Ceri... Continue Reading →

Starting Kindergarten

It feels like it can’t be possible but walk into any store and you’ll see the shelves beginning to fill up with shiny new school supplies. Some children (and let’s face it, some adults) look forward to a new school year with anticipation and excitement. There are always the others, however, that face September with... Continue Reading →

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