Mount! by Jilly Cooper

I was thrilled to spot a new book by one of my favourite authors on display at the Brodie Library a few months ago, and it didn’t disappoint. Jilly Cooper is popular British writer who has a passion for horses, and a knack for relationships. Her newest book, Mount! focusses on Rupert Campbell-Black’s horse racing... Continue Reading →

The Wheel of Time

Every once in awhile I find I am compelled to deviate from my normal reading tastes and delve into a genre I rarely read.  In this case the genre is fantasy and the books are the Robert Jordan Wheel of Time series.  A few years ago I was over at my buddy Dave’s house and... Continue Reading →

Bond……James Bond

As I was cleaning up the basement yesterday (very ambitious I know) and trying to determine just what was in some of those long forgotten boxes, I came across some absolute gems that I can’t believe I have never written about.  If you like espionage, spy drama and suspense, of course you have to try... Continue Reading →

Louis L’Amour

Ok, I’m not much into westerns.  Don’t get me wrong, every single Clint Eastwood western rocks (especially Hang ‘em High and Unforgiven, even Two Mules for Sister Sara) but book wise, I’ve never been interested……until I actually picked up a Louis L’Amour novel and basically read it straight through.  A few years ago when my... Continue Reading →

The Civil War on Audio

As a follow-up to Karen’s article about Homeland, (I can’t admit to being a certain librarian), I’ve had a month of just enjoying Civil War novels. While reading Homeland, I was also listening to Jeff Shaara’s Civil War Battlefields. Downloaded from the Overdrive Audiobook Section of TBPL’s Virtual Collection, I listened to it on my... Continue Reading →

The Witching Hour by Anne Rice

While I am normally not a huge Anne Rice fan, her novel The Witching Hour is( in my humble opinion) her best novel to date.  Rice’s novel follows the story of a specific family bloodline through four centuries until the present.   For the past four centuries, persons within each generation of the Mayfair family have... Continue Reading →

Ole Agent Pendergast

Awhile ago a coworker had recommended the authors Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child to me, especially the books featuring Agent Pendergast.  After reading the first book in the Pendergast series, I began my journey through the entire Pendergast series, as well as all other co-authored works and all individual works (which, by the way are... Continue Reading →

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