Readers’ Advisory – Diverse Reads

Diversity in literature quite often focuses on skin deep qualities such as ethnicity and race, but it is much broader than that, including sexuality, gender, disability, political persuasion, and religion.  Diverse literature exposes the reader to experiences that are not their own, and hopefully, broadens their understanding and knowledge of those experiences. *(CL) means that... Continue Reading →

Between Gods by Alison Pick

We all have secrets. Often they are personal, things you don’t want to admit to your family and friends. But sometimes those secrets are much larger, spanning generations within a family. That’s the kind of secret Alison Pick talks about in her memoir, Between Gods. Pick discovered that her grandparents had survived the Holocaust by... Continue Reading →

Yann Martel: The good and the bad

Whenever I see that Yann Martel has a new book out, I anticipate something potentially exciting. Unfortunately, for fans of Life of Pi, though, Martel appears to be another one-hit-wonder. Beatrice and Virgil, Martel's latest offering was disappointing in the extreme, and I'm pretty sure I will never be tempted to pick up another of... Continue Reading →

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