Interview with Patricia Caine

Patricia Caine (nee Rusnak) is originally from Thunder Bay, ON. She wrote the book Gedo’s Hammer, Baba’s Borscht: Raising a Family in Current River, 1929-1989 after transcribing stories from her parents, who were both immigrants from Ukraine. She also has a blog, The Rusnaks, where she shares recipes as a tribute to her parents, for... Continue Reading →

Lunch Box Ideas

Regardless of what school might look like for your children this fall, they’re going to need lunch!  Your Library can help make this part of the day stress-free, with these cookbooks. The school year survival book : healthy recipes and sanity-saving strategies for every family and every meal (even snacks) by Laura Keogh and Ceri... Continue Reading →

Delicious Lunches

At this time of year the thought of packing lunches can cause a lot of stress. Your library can help!  Visit us for these excellent books packed carefully with ideas, recipes, and inspiration for tasty lunches the little people in your life will actually eat! The school year survival book : healthy recipes and sanity-saving... Continue Reading →

To Keto or Not to Keto

There is an old joke that there are as many diets as there are diet doctors, which actually seems true if you look at any non-fiction bestseller list or check out one of the TV doctor programs.  Oddly enough, some weight loss theories keep resurfacing time after time; each time with their devotees and their... Continue Reading →

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