Staff Review: Heavy by Kiese Laymon

Review Written By: Kayla Berthelette  Kiese is a kind man, even though his life has been anything but kind to him. Kiese witnesses rape, survives intense parental abuse, and endures a life encompased by addiction, lies and intense racism.  This book would’ve been an embarrassment to Kiese’s mother. She spent so much time and effort... Continue Reading →

Who? Me?

Canada is often celebrated as a multicultural nation but that doesn’t mean racism isn’t a present and pervasive force here. From interpersonal racism to institutional racism, from micro-aggressions to colour-blindness, racism is sadly a pervasive force in Canadian society. The most troubling problem is with our reflexive denials. Let’s consider implicit bias in public institutions.... Continue Reading →

Readers’ Advisory – Diverse Reads

Diversity in literature quite often focuses on skin deep qualities such as ethnicity and race, but it is much broader than that, including sexuality, gender, disability, political persuasion, and religion.  Diverse literature exposes the reader to experiences that are not their own, and hopefully, broadens their understanding and knowledge of those experiences. *(CL) means that... Continue Reading →

Free Speech and Hate Speech

The recent hate speech versus free speech debates (or screaming matches) at Vancouver (VPL) and Toronto Public Library (TPL) have demonstrated an irreconcilable contradiction between two values that are at the very heart of public libraries: freedom of expression and safe spaces. We cannot open our doors to all points of view and also guarantee... Continue Reading →

Partnership continues to promote inclusion

It will be a year this summer, Anishinabek Employment and Training Services (AETS) moved in and helped transform the lower level of the Waverley Library through a collaborative partnership with the Thunder Bay Public Library (TBPL).  As an incorporated, not-for-profit organization, AETS continues to be part of a national network delivering an Indigenous Skills and... Continue Reading →

Drafting the Next Strategic Plan

The Thunder Bay Public Library (TBPL) Strategic Plan 2014-18 is drawing to a close and we can look back with some satisfaction at what we have achieved over the last five years in terms of encouraging lifelong learning, supporting our local economy, embracing change and innovation, promoting diversity and social inclusion, and fostering community well-being... Continue Reading →

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