Toddler Reading Favourites

One of my favourite things to do with my son Gavin is read books together. He is coming up on two years in March, so his reading tastes are not fully developed; but he’s already making his opinions very clear. Some books sit on the shelf untouched, while others are constantly being found on the... Continue Reading →

Read This Next – Westerns

You may have thought Westerns had ridden off into the sunset, so to speak, as a book genre. In fact, Westerns are still being written, but they are often remixed with other genres and tell stories about citizens of the wild west other than the same white male gunslinger. Watch the episode to hear Laura... Continue Reading →

Are we still quarantine baking these days? I’m not sure. We’re just getting through a heat wave, and I know for me turning on the oven has been the last thing that I want to do lately.  And kids are still home (it’s summer vacation, but really all the days feel the same, don’t... Continue Reading →

Gardening with TBPL

This year more than any other has seen an interest in gardening that’s “off the charts”, both for food supply purposes and as a therapeutic activity. Your library has a number of online resources that you can access as long as you have a library card. If you don’t, email us at with your... Continue Reading →

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