A Whole New World of Library Programs!

Wow! We are in such difficult times.  The past year has been one of tragedy, struggle and loss for many people.  It is sometimes hard to remain positive and even more difficult to see the future.  The inability to plan or predict our future seems impossible on many levels.  While I miss my loved ones,... Continue Reading →

Celebrating Public Library Week

While October is Canadian Library Month in the country, the third week of October is celebrated as Ontario Public Library Week.  During that week each year, we organize activities to meet and greet our patrons and encourage non-patrons to explore all the benefits that being an active member of a library can enjoy.  Whether you're... Continue Reading →

Online Programming @ Your Library

While many of us were hoping for a return to in person programming this fall, it simply isn’t our reality for 2020.  Instead, we have embraced the opportunity to provide our core children’s programming online and are finding some hidden benefits!  Join us virtually for what will be a different kind of fall program season. ... Continue Reading →

Around the world, many groups and organizations have stepped up to make recreational and educational content available for free as households work together to stay home and flatten the curve. It is very exciting to see Shakespeare’s Globe Theater performances available online, or for Marvel Comics to offer free access to some of their most... Continue Reading →

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