Black Robe by Brian Moore

This is a great read. The pace is quick, efficient and a literary treat; especially when compared to some of the non-fiction I read. The story takes place in the "New World" in the 17th Century. A Jesuit Missionary, named Nicanis by the Algonkian people he is with, is trying to get to a mission... Continue Reading →

The Indian Commissioners: Agents of the State and Indian Policy in Canada’s Prairie West, 1873-1932 by Brian Titley (University of Alberta Press, 2009)

The myth of the indolent Injun is not new; in fact, that idea goes back to circa 1800.  In the 1700's, when slavery was still legal, the new world was still new and Indian Residential Schools weren't yet even an experiment.  At that time, Native people often adopted, traded with and fought alongside (and therefore... Continue Reading →

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