YOUth Review: Avengers Infinity War

I am choosing this movie because it is my favorite marvel movie. It is my favorite Marvel movie because it has all the superheroes in the Marvel universe against one person called Thanos. The story is that this giant purple alien has a gauntlet that holds five infinity stones that are all different colors. The... Continue Reading →

The Book Club Hub – Books to Movies

Book clubs offer a great opportunity for friends and book lovers to gather (whether virtually or in person) to catch up and discuss a good book. There’s only two problems with this activity and they seem to come up at every meeting: what book should the group read next and how do you find enough... Continue Reading →

Kanopy Streaming Service

We are pleased to introduce Kanopy, a film and video streaming service that provides access to over 30,000 movies, documentaries and kids programs. Here’s how the content is described in promotional material: “From thought-provoking documentaries to the latest festival hits, from classics of the Arthouse and the Oscars to the deep catalog discoveries that inspire... Continue Reading →

More Than Just Books!

You might be thinking you don’t need libraries, in this age of easy access to information.  But, I think you do.  Here are some ways you can use your library which you may not know about. With your library card you can access Transparent Languages, an easy to use, online language learning program.  Go to... Continue Reading →

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