Learn a Language

Wie viele Sprachen können Sie sprechen?  That is my favourite thing to say in German, thanks to Mr. Dunstall who taught me at Lakeview High School back in the 1980s.  It means: How many languages can you speak?  I took French at school when I had to, and also by choice, and was excited to... Continue Reading →

First Nations Language Learning

Learning to speak the language that your grandparents spoke is a precious gift for many people.  This is especially true for Indigenous people, many of whom lost their languages as a result of colonialism.  Last week (October 1-7) was First Nations Public Library Week in Ontario, a great time to explore Indigenous languages.  Here are... Continue Reading →

Under the Net by Iris Murdoch

This is one of those books that I enjoyed reading immensely, but wasn’t always sure what was actually going on, or where things were going to. After a while, though, I figured it was enough just to sit back and enjoy the ride and take things as they came.  I still walked away from it... Continue Reading →

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