Interview with Jon Sprunk

Jon Sprunk grew up in Pennsylvania. When his first fantasy novel failed to find a publisher, he sought gainful employment in the Real World, only to return to writing a decade later. After learning from the Pennwriters annual conference and writers’ group, he had several short stories published. In June 2009 he signed a multi-book... Continue Reading →

Shadow’s Master

Recently I posted about Jon Sprunk's Shadow Saga.  At the time of that posting I had not yet read the final book in the trilogy, Shadow's Master.  But now I have, and I must say it was a good read. This time around, Caim is heading even further into the frozen north, looking for his... Continue Reading →

The Shadow Saga

There are very few characters like Caim from Jon Sprunk’s Shadow Saga.  Sure, there are other assassin characters like Caim.  Some of them even have magical powers much like he does.  And I’m sure there are other characters who have an invisible spirit-companion similar to Kit.  No, what sets Caim apart is the fact that... Continue Reading →

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