Staff Review: There There by Tommy Orange

Tommy Orange’s debut novel “There There” tells the story of twelve different characters that all struggle in some form or another with their lineage, heritage, and knowing who they are. Almost all of the main characters are Indigenous, and the question of what being an Indigenous person means to them all is frequently questioned throughout... Continue Reading →

Decolonize Your Reading List

People often say that they don’t have enough time to read. The truth is, we do have enough time to read, it’s just that our free time is stolen by endless scrolling on our smartphones. But what if that time could be redeemed and used to enjoy a new book?  Now, more than ever, is... Continue Reading →

NDN Book Club

Are you an Indigenous person looking to read Indigenous literature with Indigenous friends? We have started a book club just for you! Recognizing that Indigenous folks often do not join book clubs, we wanted to create a space that caters to this specific demographic. Furthermore, we are mostly reading books that are moving and uplifting... Continue Reading →

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