Interview with Ryan Dowd

Ryan J. Dowd has spent most of his career as Executive Director of a large homeless shelter near Chicago. In addition, he trains organizations around the globe (including libraries, homeless shelters, and hospitals) on how to use empathy-driven enforcement with homeless individuals. He is the author of The Librarian’s Guide to Homelessness and A Homeless... Continue Reading →

When Giving is the Gift

This year, like no other, has tested our collective will, generosity and conscience. We know that there are many suffering in our community for many reasons that have now been highlighted or manifested due to COVID-19. One of the ways we see this at the library is in our decreased ability to support the less... Continue Reading →

The Public

The Public is my kind of movie. The hero is a flawed character with a shady past who has been given a second chance. He uses this opportunity to help those who are in the same bad place that he used to occupy. The plot pitches the underdogs of society against the forces of bureaucracy, political... Continue Reading →

Drafting the Next Strategic Plan

The Thunder Bay Public Library (TBPL) Strategic Plan 2014-18 is drawing to a close and we can look back with some satisfaction at what we have achieved over the last five years in terms of encouraging lifelong learning, supporting our local economy, embracing change and innovation, promoting diversity and social inclusion, and fostering community well-being... Continue Reading →

Ironweed, by William Kennedy

“My guilt is all I have left. If I lose it, I have stood for nothing, done nothing.” I had an English teacher once who told me quite emphatically that you can’t open an essay or review with a quote. Well, he was obviously wrong, and I choose to ignore him. Kennedy’s novel is a... Continue Reading →

Welcome To Wal-Mart

Are you a fan of Billie Letts? I am. I've enjoyed all of her books, but my favourite is "Where the heart is". Meet Novalee Nation, she's 17, seven months pregnant and has $7.77 in her pocket. She and her boyfriend were on their way from Tennessee to California, when he abandons her at the... Continue Reading →

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