Read This Next – Haunted Places

Notes from the fall 2020 edition of Read This Next. Watch this and past episodes on the TBPL Facebook page or YouTube channel. Visit our online catalogue to place holds on these titles. Not sure how to place holds? Visit this Guide for details. Haunted House Classics The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson:... Continue Reading →

Forbidden by Eve Bunting

While I normally don’t read much young adult fiction, the cover of this book kept catching my eye so when it was recommended by a patron whose tastes I normally share, it was hard to resist.  Proving that going with your first instincts it usually the right course, the book was a treat. The story... Continue Reading →

The Shadow of the Wind, by Carlos Ruiz Zafón

I came across an article, recently, about the best libraries in literature: a list that could not fail to include the Cemetery of Lost Books, a fascinating labyrinth of forgotten tomes created by Zafón. Certain rules exist for those fortunate enough to enter this library: any first time visitor is required to wander the endless... Continue Reading →

Bellman & Black by Diane Setterfield

During a boyhood competition with his slingshot, William Bellman kills a crow and by doing so, unknowingly, sets the course of his future.  As a man, he is a success in business and has a thriving family but there is a subtle darkness that follows him.  It is when William thinks he has everything, that... Continue Reading →

Kate Morton

Morton is a compelling author, a little cumbersome at times, but she’ll keep you enthralled until the end. Described as gothic in style, each of her three novels unravels the facets of a mysterious event whilst delving into the lives and secrets of the characters involved. The House at Riverton, Morton’s first novel, retells the... Continue Reading →

A Drowned Maiden’s Hair by Laura Schiltz

A Drowned Maiden’s Hair starts with Maud Flynn’s improbable adoption by the maiden Misses Hawthorne (Hyacinth, Judith and Victoria). She is told that she will be a ‘secret child’ but not given a reason; coddled with ice cream, books, and new clothes, Maud is not overly concerned. She also is enamored of Hyacinth Hawthorne, the... Continue Reading →

The Goods that is Joe Hill

If you have yet to read any of Joe Hill’s works you are definitely missing out.  I have read two of his books recently and have been thoroughly impressed.  Hill is an award winning storyteller and his thrilling works feature elements of suspense, horror and the macabre.  His latest release Horns is truly unique as... Continue Reading →

Peter Straub and the Goods

In need of a really good suspenseful piece of fiction, well then  I have the books for you.  Peter Straub stories are indeed suspenseful mysteries, but I should add that a majority are also downright terrifying.  The first Straub book I had read was Koko which was amazing.  What I didn’t know at the time... Continue Reading →

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