Library Creates Indigenous Knowledge Centres

Your Thunder Bay Public Library is creating an Indigenous Knowledge Centre at each branch. Although it is still in progress as we are selecting new books and other materials for it and working with the Indigenous Advisory Council and Liaison to design the spaces to include artwork, treaty maps and other key elements, the basic... Continue Reading →

& Sons, by David Gilbert

The great American novel, and behind it, the great American author, aggrandized to god-like status. J. D. Salinger, Philip Roth, F. Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway: venerated men with their enigmatic lives and brilliant minds. Add to them David Gilbert’s A.N. Dyer and we catch a glimpse of the flaws, the cracks in the façade;... Continue Reading →

Alice or Alyss?

With the new Alice in Wonderland movie's massive popularity, I started thinking about the Alice take-offs that have come out recently.  Before this new version we all enjoyed the Disney's Alice in Wonderland, but beyond that I'm not sure anyone gave Alice much thought.  However, whether you prefer books or film, here are two rather... Continue Reading →

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