Online Programming @ Your Library

While many of us were hoping for a return to in person programming this fall, it simply isn’t our reality for 2020.  Instead, we have embraced the opportunity to provide our core children’s programming online and are finding some hidden benefits!  Join us virtually for what will be a different kind of fall program season. ... Continue Reading →

Back to School

Well, we’ve done it. As this article comes out, students will have finished up the first week of school. We can all take a - very small - sigh of relief that we got through it. Whether or not you are a parent, having kids in our community go back to school in pandemic times... Continue Reading →

Book Nerds Unite!

If you're a Facebook user you might have noticed a note spreading around called "Book Nerds Unite" (or something to that extent). It asks you to write down the 15 books that have stuck with you over the years (and to not over think it, just say what comes to mind). Instead of posting my... Continue Reading →

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