E-magazines At Your Fingertips!

Magazines have been a tricky collection to maintain in recent years; many titles have ceased publishing in print format, and the glossy and colourful pages use a lot of resources for something that is usually purchased and read by one reader. There are also some publications that are not available to be shipped to Canada.... Continue Reading →

NEW! Free Resources From TBPL

In our May 2 column we mentioned that many groups and organizations have stepped up to make their resources free during this pandemic. Businesses that typically sell online products to libraries have also been allowing free access for short periods of time, usually a month or two. Today we’ll be looking at a few that... Continue Reading →

More Than Just Books!

You might be thinking you don’t need libraries, in this age of easy access to information.  But, I think you do.  Here are some ways you can use your library which you may not know about. With your library card you can access Transparent Languages, an easy to use, online language learning program.  Go to... Continue Reading →

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