It’s the Chinese Year of the Dog in 2018 and about 35% of households in Canada include a dog. Many dog owners know that pets can influence mood and improve health. In her book Paws & Effect: the Healing Power of Dogs, Sharon Sakson explores the relationships between humans and their dogs. With so much... Continue Reading →

The Call of the Wild, by Jack London

Well here I am, plod, plod, plodding my way backwards through the Modern Library’s Top 100. I decided to work backwards on the premise that surely the books could only improve as I went along. So far, I’m currently at number 88, which means I’ve only read 13 titles in the past three years: too... Continue Reading →

You Had Me At Woof by Julie Klam

You'll laugh, you'll cry. Last weekend I read this book. I thought the dog on the cover was cute. It's about one woman's love affair with Boston Terriers. By the end of the book she has 4 dogs. It reminded me of my cousin Lyn and her pack of Boston Terriers. In the beginning Julie... Continue Reading →

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