The Work of Caitlin Doughty

I first became aware of Caitlin Doughty when I encountered her videos on YouTube; her channel is called Ask a Mortician. The videos are entertaining and informative while still being respectful of the subject matter. Caitlin is a mortician who is the co-owner of a funeral home in Los Angeles and is a graduate of... Continue Reading →

Helping Children Through Grief

When adults experience a loss they can often pull from past experiences to help with the grieving process. This is not always the case when a child experiences a loss, especially when they are very young or it is the first time. What Happens When A Loved One Dies uses bright, simple and familiar illustrations... Continue Reading →

On Grief and Bereavement

I’m writing this on November 20th, National Bereavement Day in Canada.  If this comes as a surprise, know that this is only the second year that we have marked a day for bereavement.  The theme this year is "grief and bereavement is a part of life” and with that in mind I would like to... Continue Reading →

Debbie Doesn’t Do It Anymore, by Walter Mosley

I’ve been trying out a few different authors lately, including Douglas Coupland. His latest novel, Worst. Person. Ever., contains a lot of smut and after the first few pages I thought “nahhhh....” and passed it on to the next person on the holds list. Walter Mosley’s latest novel, Debbie Doesn’t Do It Anymore, contains an... Continue Reading →

In Paradise, by Peter Matthiessen

When Matthiessen’s last novel was published just days after he died in April of 2014, a reviewer on Good Reads had the audacity to complain that “In Paradise” was not entertaining. Given that the book is about the Holocaust, it seems inconceivable and impertinent to suggest that a livelier, lighter tone should have been adopted.... Continue Reading →

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