A Dirge by Eric MacKay

I. Art thou lonely in thy tomb? Art thou cold in such a gloom? Rouse thee, then, and make me room,— Miserere Domine! II. Phantoms vex thy virgin sleep, Nameless things around thee creep, Yet be patient, do not weep,— Miserere Domine! III. O be faithful! O be brave! Naught shall harm thee in thy grave;... Continue Reading →

The End of the Alphabet by C. S. Richardson

Think: rainy Sunday afternoon, over-stuffed armchair, nice bottle of red, box of Swiss chocolates and, most importantly, a rather large box of tissues. Then, snuggle up and prepare to be totally charmed by C. S. Richardson’s debut novel. I loved this book. The characters feel like an old sweater and jeans: so comfortable, so familiar,... Continue Reading →

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