Staff Review: There There by Tommy Orange

Tommy Orange’s debut novel “There There” tells the story of twelve different characters that all struggle in some form or another with their lineage, heritage, and knowing who they are. Almost all of the main characters are Indigenous, and the question of what being an Indigenous person means to them all is frequently questioned throughout... Continue Reading →

Intercultural Development Inventory

The Board and staff of Thunder Bay Public Library (TBPL) have participated in an Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) process. This was administered by DiversiPro, an organization that specializes in intercultural competence development. This involves some on line assessments followed by a group discussion, personal feedback, and individual action plans. To accomplish TBPLs strategic directions, we... Continue Reading →

Insights from Fiction

Reading fiction is a unique way to learn about different cultures, places, and periods in history.  Many authors bring authenticity to their books by doing extensive research to ensure readers are immersed in their setting, and that their stories are historically accurate.  Here are some books that will take you places, and give you an... Continue Reading →

Managing Cultural Change

For the last six years Thunder Bay Public Library (TBPL) has been on a journey of transformation from a Traditional library to a Community Led library. In October 2012 TBPL was a Traditional library with a traditional strategy, structures, systems and organizational culture. Since that time TBPL has undergone a Fundamental Library Review which started... Continue Reading →

An Indigenous Partnership: A Shared Community Hub

Decolonization is a necessary process for creating community led and needs based public libraries. Partnerships with Indigenous organizations are a step towards decolonization. Partnerships transform strategies, structures and systems and challenge the organizational culture. At Thunder Bay Public Library (TBPL) decolonization is an outcome of our Reconciliation and Relationship Building Strategy and Action Plan. This... Continue Reading →

Elegance of the Hedgehog by Muriel Barbery

The Elegance of the Hedgehog, in French: L'Élégance du hérisson, is written by the French novelist and professor of philosophy Muriel Barbery. The book follows the life of a concierge, Renée Michel, whose hidden intelligence is discovered by no one save a precocious twelve year-old girl named Paloma Josse who lives in the same building.... Continue Reading →

Ishmael, by Daniel Quinn

Ishmael is the kind of book that makes you think. It stays with you long after it’s finished, and has you pondering about the way you live your life. It has you questioning the authenticity of your own human perspective, and deliberating on how things came to be as they are. Can they feasibly stay... Continue Reading →

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