New and Upcoming Non-Fiction (Dec. 2021)

Click on the title of the book to place a hold! The 1619 Project: A New Origin Story - Nikole Hannah-Jones A dramatic expansion of a groundbreaking work of journalism, 'The 1619 Project: A New Origin Story' offers a profoundly revealing vision of the American past and present, placing slavery and resistance at the center of the American story. ______________________________ All We Want: Building the Life We... Continue Reading →

Baking @ Your Library

It’s hard to believe that a year ago it was nearly impossible to purchase flour or yeast. While they certainly weren’t the only empty shelves, hello toilet paper, those empty shelves in the baking aisle impacted a lot of people. Whether you were a habitual baker who suddenly couldn’t get yeast or someone looking for the comfort... Continue Reading →

Lunch Box Ideas

Regardless of what school might look like for your children this fall, they’re going to need lunch!  Your Library can help make this part of the day stress-free, with these cookbooks. The school year survival book : healthy recipes and sanity-saving strategies for every family and every meal (even snacks) by Laura Keogh and Ceri... Continue Reading →

Delicious Lunches

At this time of year the thought of packing lunches can cause a lot of stress. Your library can help!  Visit us for these excellent books packed carefully with ideas, recipes, and inspiration for tasty lunches the little people in your life will actually eat! The school year survival book : healthy recipes and sanity-saving... Continue Reading →

Holiday Baking

Have you started your holiday baking yet?  I haven’t yet and I don’t start to feel festive until the baking gets underway.  I have some standard recipes that I use year after year but I’m always looking to try something new. Here’s where the books and magazines at the library come in oh-so-handy. Maybe some... Continue Reading →

Less Meat for a Healthy Body and Planet

November is International Vegan month and is meant to raise awareness of the alternatives to eating meat.  There are a variety of eating plans that emphasis a plant based diet, some include animal products and others don’t , so there is always a way to integrate healthier eating and still enjoy a wide range of foods.... Continue Reading →

Eat Your Greens!

It’s that time of year again; gardens and farm stands are filled with an abundance of fresh vegetables.  While exciting this can be overwhelming: how can we make the most of this short season?  Certainly some foods can be preserved or stored for winter months, but others are not suited to long term storage.  Although... Continue Reading →

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