Managing Cultural Change

For the last six years Thunder Bay Public Library (TBPL) has been on a journey of transformation from a Traditional library to a Community Led library. In October 2012 TBPL was a Traditional library with a traditional strategy, structures, systems and organizational culture. Since that time TBPL has undergone a Fundamental Library Review which started... Continue Reading →

Drafting the Next Strategic Plan

The Thunder Bay Public Library (TBPL) Strategic Plan 2014-18 is drawing to a close and we can look back with some satisfaction at what we have achieved over the last five years in terms of encouraging lifelong learning, supporting our local economy, embracing change and innovation, promoting diversity and social inclusion, and fostering community well-being... Continue Reading →

Community Led and Needs Based

TBPL is working on its next five year Strategic Plan for the period 2019 – 2023. Previous plans have been produced by external consultants, but this time around we are doing it for ourselves. We are using a tried and tested method of community consultation – known as community conversations - which was developed in... Continue Reading →

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