The Book Club Hub – Local Authors

Book clubs offer a great opportunity for friends and book lovers to gather (whether virtually or in person) to catch up and discuss a good book. There’s only two problems with this activity and they seem to come up at every meeting: what book should the group read next and how do you find enough... Continue Reading →

The Line Painter by Claire Cameron

      This book is a true page turner which provides the reader with a unique appreciation of the lines on long, lonely stretches of highway.  Cameron tells the story of Carrie, who embarks on a solo road trip north from her home in Toronto, after her boyfriend dies as a result of a... Continue Reading →

The Chaos by Nalo Hopkinson

There were many, many things I really liked about The Chaos. I loved how real Scotch's voice was and her interactions with her brother and family rang very true for me. It may be a cliche for the teen girl to change into more conservative, parent-approved clothes before heading home, but it helps establish Scotch's... Continue Reading →

Half Brother by Kenneth Oppel

This YA novel may seem like a simplistic ‘issue’ story, but is in fact a layered narrative about the morals of anthropomorphizing animals and what it means to be family. Thirteen-year-old Ben Tomlin is not excited about his new “baby brother” Zan, a chimpanzee inserted into his family purely for scientific purposes. His scientist parents... Continue Reading →

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