Happy Pride Month!

Happy Pride!! This week we are talking about YA books that feature LGBTQIA2S+ representation. Every year, we curate a booklist of new YA titles with queer content and alternate between organizing it by genre or by identity and orientation. This year is an identity and orientation year, so check back soon to access the complete... Continue Reading →

The Book Club Hub – YA Novels

Book clubs offer a great opportunity for friends and book lovers to gather (whether virtually or in person) to catch up and discuss a good book. There’s only two problems with this activity and they seem to come up at every meeting: what book should the group read next and how do you find enough... Continue Reading →

High Concept Romantic Comedies

This week on Read This Next, Laura and Nicole are talking high concept romantic comedies. Wondering what that is, exactly? It's the sort of plot that can be described in a sentence or two - the ones that get made into movies, like two people get stuck in a broken down elevator. Check out these... Continue Reading →

YA Fiction Faves

In your quest for that can’t-put-down book, don’t overlook TBPL’s YA section. While graphic novels have increased in popularity, there is some fantastic, bewitching fiction on the shelves. Perfect for readers with a strong stomach and a love of creepy terror, Wilder Girls by Rory Power has been described as feminist horror. Visualize Lord of... Continue Reading →

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