Baking @ Your Library

It’s hard to believe that a year ago it was nearly impossible to purchase flour or yeast. While they certainly weren’t the only empty shelves, hello toilet paper, those empty shelves in the baking aisle impacted a lot of people. Whether you were a habitual baker who suddenly couldn’t get yeast or someone looking for the comfort... Continue Reading →

Hygge, or finding your comfort zone

The holidays are done, and the house seems empty without the colourful decorations. The first of January is full of fresh starts and promises for the new year. Whether your resolutions are still fresh in your mind or freshly broken, most of us instinctively spend more time cocooned inside. Like us, the Danes suffer from... Continue Reading →

Celebrating Christmas 2020

With less than a month to go before Christmas, excitement is growing while at the same time we’re aware that Christmas is going to be different this year.  With that in mind, how are we to prepare for Christmas?  There are lots of suggestions on various web sites about taking Christmas virtual, but, let’s not... Continue Reading →

Are we still quarantine baking these days? I’m not sure. We’re just getting through a heat wave, and I know for me turning on the oven has been the last thing that I want to do lately.  And kids are still home (it’s summer vacation, but really all the days feel the same, don’t... Continue Reading →

Holiday Baking

Have you started your holiday baking yet?  I haven’t yet and I don’t start to feel festive until the baking gets underway.  I have some standard recipes that I use year after year but I’m always looking to try something new. Here’s where the books and magazines at the library come in oh-so-handy. Maybe some... Continue Reading →

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