The Book Club Hub – Memoirs

Book clubs offer a great opportunity for friends and book lovers to gather (whether virtually or in person) to catch up and discuss a good book. There’s only two problems with this activity and they seem to come up at every meeting: what book should the group read next and how do you find enough... Continue Reading →


When you think back on the story of your life, do you ever think about writing a book? The beauty of reading memoirs and autobiographies is that, no matter how interesting a person’s life may be, everyone comes from different cultures, backgrounds and experiences, so there is always something to learn. Some give us something... Continue Reading →

Interview with Peter Panetta

Peter Panetta is a mentor, educator, artist and adventurer. He currently lives in Thunder Bay, Ontario with his wife Norma Lee Panetta. In 1999, he founded the Underground Gym & Youth Centre for underprivileged children & youth. The goal is to reverse the downward trend of despair by providing multiple positive activities at no cost... Continue Reading →

The Book of Better by Chuck Eichten

When you have diabetes, you may get stuck in a rut while trying to stay healthy.  That’s what happened to Chuck Eichten, who was convinced that his life was perfect.  His hemoglobin A1C, the test that shows your average blood sugar over the last three months, was 4.5; that’s what someone WITHOUT diabetes should have.... Continue Reading →

Autobiography by Morrissey

“How would you like it if someone ordered YOUR legs for lunch?” asks a dead serious Steven Patrick Morrissey as his manager orders frog legs. As one of the most influential and polarizing musicians (and out spoken individuals) of our time, Morrissey in all his bleak and dramatic glory has published his first tell-all in... Continue Reading →

Bossypants by Tina Fey

To start off this review, I have to say, OH MY GOD, I freaking love Tina Fey. My unconditional love aside I want to talk about Bossypants. I had this autobiography recommended to me by a really good friend two years ago when the book was first published. I can now look back and think... Continue Reading →

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