Hygge, or finding your comfort zone

The holidays are done, and the house seems empty without the colourful decorations. The first of January is full of fresh starts and promises for the new year. Whether your resolutions are still fresh in your mind or freshly broken, most of us instinctively spend more time cocooned inside. Like us, the Danes suffer from... Continue Reading →

Art @ Your Library

The Thunder Bay Public Library aims to cultivate diversity and inclusion within the library. One of the ways this is being reflected in our spaces is through our art collections and programming. The library may not be the first place you would think of as a place to experience art but throughout all locations of... Continue Reading →

Rocking the Library

Now that winter has hit us in full force, and the hustle and bustle of Christmas is behind us, many of us are looking for ways to keep busy as we await the arrival of spring. If you are one of these people finding yourself in a winter rut, perhaps rock painting might be the... Continue Reading →

Royal Wedding Fever

As you may have heard, there was a pretty big wedding across the pond this weekend.  If you can’t get enough of the wedding excitement, or are planning your own, visit your Library! You can borrow the DVD of Will and Kate’s wedding if you want to see how it measured up to Harry and... Continue Reading →

Interview with Duncan Weller

Duncan Weller is a writer of children’s books, adult fiction and poetry.  He is also a visual artist who shows his work regularly.  He lives in Thunder Bay, Ontario, and travels often to get ideas and images for his books.  He won two of Canada’s top awards (Governor General’s, Schwartz) for his picture book, The... Continue Reading →

Shakespeare as Graphic Novels

Shakespeare continues to appear in new and usual ways and one of the newest  formats is the appearance of traditional and manga style graphic novels, though the plays have appeared in illustrated editions for hundreds of years. Copies of the plays were illustrated in both adult and children's editions and proved particularly popular with the... Continue Reading →

Shakespearean Inspired Art – The Classics

The imagery of Shakespeare's work has inspired other artists, especially painters since the plays were performed. The artists of the Victorian period, especially the group know as the "Pre-Raphaelites" were particularly taken with ideas of beauty and youth that mark the lovers in the plays. The elements of illusion, magic and the supernatural, as well... Continue Reading →

Interview with Christopher “Merk” Merkley

Christopher “Merk” Merkley makes stuff from nothing. Comics, paintings, photography, illustration, tshirts, multimedia, sculptures....whatever he can get his hands on. He has 2 graphic novels under his belt (another one on the way), an ongoing comic strip, a regular weekly piece for Comic Book Resources' 'The Line it is Drawn' , and fits in as... Continue Reading →

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