Readers’ Advisory – Diverse Reads

Diversity in literature quite often focuses on skin deep qualities such as ethnicity and race, but it is much broader than that, including sexuality, gender, disability, political persuasion, and religion.  Diverse literature exposes the reader to experiences that are not their own, and hopefully, broadens their understanding and knowledge of those experiences. *(CL) means that... Continue Reading →

The Christmas Town by Donna VanLiere

One of the indulgences that I give myself at this time of year is reading Christmas themed books. Many of the titles I normally choose are Christmas themed mysteries, it seems odd but there is an oddly right juxtaposition about the mixing of the most joyous time of year and the darkest of human emotions.... Continue Reading →

A stroll down a dusty road.

Take time to enjoy stories that have remembrance of an earlier, harder time. Both of my parents experienced the depression of the 1930’s and the stories they told about the depression always interested me. Their enthusiasm for life was not shattered by the difficult living conditions, but it did form their values of home, family... Continue Reading →

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