Agatha Christie Readalikes

Inspired by the recent Kenneth Branaugh adaption of Agatha Christie's Death on the Nile, we've decided on another mystery episode! Laura's read all the Agatha's; Nicole has read none. Listen to some rambling from Laura about her favs, then get some reading suggestions of other reads that recall Agatha's plot-dense style. For more mystery recs,... Continue Reading →

Closed Circle Mysteries

Laura picked the topic this week, so we're digging into one of her favourite tropes: the locked room mystery. Of course, the first thing we learned was that Laura had been using that term wrong: a locked room mystery technically only applies to mysteries featuring literal locked rooms. She was thinking of symbolic locked rooms... Continue Reading →

One by One

And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie was the first book to captivate and enlighten me onto the joys of reading.  This murder mystery, in my opinion, is the ultimate who-do-it. Ten people, each with a questionable past, are lured onto a secluded island by an unknown assailant with unknown intentions.  One by one... Continue Reading →

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