The Luminaries by Eleanor Catton

In this book Eleanor Catton transports the reader back to the New Zealand gold rush of the mid 1860s. She weaves a story together using threads from many characters' lives and the result is a richly detailed epic tale. The book starts with a gathering of twelve men who have assembled in secret to discuss... Continue Reading →

The Curiosity, by Stephen P. Kiernan

We all know the adage ‘curiosity killed the cat’, well in Kiernan’s debut novel, curiosity did a lot more than that: it killed the dead man. When an Arctic scientific expedition in search of single-cell life forms stumbles upon a lot more than it usually does – krill and sardines, a whole new world of... Continue Reading →

The Secret River

These days it’s so easy to take most of what we have and see around us for granted. Living in our comfy homes, driving around in our comfy cars and dining in comfy restaurants is a reality far removed from that now distant day in 1788 when white man first stepped off the boat onto... Continue Reading →

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