Best of 2021 (so far)

Have you been reading lots of 2021 books? At the midway point of the year, Laura and Nicole are highlighting some of the buzziest titles for your to-read list. Listen to the episode on your favourite podcast platform by searching for Read This Next or watch on our YouTube channel. Place your TPBL holds for print... Continue Reading →

Fairy Stories

It's a Nicole-favourite episode this week, as we fall deep into the fairy realm and fantasy! All of these books feature fairies of some kind, with a couple series, standalones, YA and adult titles for variety. Listen to the episode on your favourite podcast platform by searching for Read This Next or watch on our YouTube... Continue Reading →

Wilderness Survival

And it's time for another one of Laura's reading obsessions! This time, we're talking books about surviving nature, whether it's in the extreme cold of the north, the Florida Everglades, or just adrift in the ocean - basically, we're talking anything inspired by Hatchet. Listen along to find out whether Nicole's felt the allure of... Continue Reading →

Spooky Season: Literary Horror

Nicole is back for some spooky season delights! Literary horror: what is it, exactly? Laura says she knows it when she reads it, and in these titles you can expect atmospheric language, beautifully written expressions of dread, and a sense of lingering unease that will stay with you long past the last page. Enjoy! Listen... Continue Reading →

Books Set in Libraries!

Maybe it's a little narcissistic to be so interested, but hey, when you work in an iconically interesting place, you're going to want to read the books set there! Check out just a few of the many books set in libraries across all kinds of genres. We've been talking about doing this episode for ages... Continue Reading →

YOUth Review: The Dogs by Allan Stratton

The Dogs is a hopeful and suspenseful nail-biting thriller written by Allan Stratton, about a boy and his mother on the run from his ostensible father.  Their fleeing from the father brings the family many places, including Wolf Hallow, where Cameron and his mother finally, but not preferably, settle down into their new home. The... Continue Reading →

Spooky Season: Slashers

And it's spooky season once again! This year we are hacking into things with an episode of slashers: horror novels devoted to the murderous rampage and full of homages (and clichés) from your favourite slasher movies. Please be aware that due to their thematic focus, these titles are inevitably at least a little gory. This... Continue Reading →

Alien Invasions

We've talked outer space before, but in this episode, we are staying on earth and waiting for the aliens to come to us! These books range from action-packed thrillers to joke-filled road trip chronicles but all have one thing in common: extraterrestrials. Listen to the episode on your favourite podcast platform by searching for Read... Continue Reading →

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