Pride Week (Graphic Novels and Comics)

To continue with some reviews for Pride Week, I have a collection of lgbt related graphic novels that are part of TBPL’s collection. The three comics are: Drama by Raina Telgemeier, Kevin Keller by Dan Parent and A + E 4Ever by Ilike Merey. Each of these have characters in the lgbt community with vastly... Continue Reading →

Bossypants by Tina Fey

To start off this review, I have to say, OH MY GOD, I freaking love Tina Fey. My unconditional love aside I want to talk about Bossypants. I had this autobiography recommended to me by a really good friend two years ago when the book was first published. I can now look back and think... Continue Reading →

Afraid by Jack Kilborn

By Eric Stein For all the horror lovers out there, this is a novel for you, just in time for Halloween. Jack Kilborn (aka J.A. Konrath) delivers an incredibly chilling, gruesome tale of the small city of Safe Haven, Wisconsin. For the readers out there who love horror, or even those like myself that want... Continue Reading →

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