Gifts in Jars by Natalie Wise

    Now that the holidays are upon us, many people are out searching for gifts for loved ones. However, with that comes busy shopping centres, overspending and overconsumption. That is why many people are choosing to reduce their purchasing of mass produced goods and seek out making some of their own gifts. These types... Continue Reading →

Calypso by David Sedaris

  Whenever I am in a reading funk, one thing that often helps me get back in the groove is short stories, since they don’t require me to memorize so many details. When I saw David Sedaris’ new book Calypso in the library, I knew this would be the book to get me back on... Continue Reading →

The Year of Less by Cait Flanders

In spite of the fact that we live in a culture of over-consumption, the minimalism and simple living movement has been gaining traction. Many individuals are consciously steering away from over-consumption and finding more meaning in wellness and relationships. Cait Flanders is one of those people striving for a better life. For one year, she... Continue Reading →

Wealthing Like Rabbits by Robert R. Brown

I’ve been going through personal finance books one after another. In an era of insecure employment, insecure pensions, and insecure everything, it’s more important than ever to understand finance. Reading through various titles, I kept on seeing references to “Wealthing like Rabbits”. In spite of its odd title, I decided to give it a try.... Continue Reading →

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