Screen-Free Week

We are living in a digital world. People are working from home, attending virtual school and connecting with friends and family through video chats. Free time is often spent playing video games, watching movies or scrolling through social media. With this increased time in front of a screen, many people are experiencing digital fatigue and... Continue Reading →

Pandemic Life in Picture Books

There’s no denying that the pandemic has altered our day to day life. There are many picture books recently published which reflect this changed world and the new circumstances in which we find ourselves. Good Morning Zoom: A Parody by Lindsay Rechler is a charming book that gives a glimpse into staying at home while... Continue Reading →

TBPL Enters the World of Scripted Audio Dramas

Picture this: A team of amazing library workers, known for offering superb customer service, find something amazing hidden in the old vault at the Brodie Library (the Brodie Resource Library actually has an extremely large vault). This amazing object will lead the team on the biggest treasure hunt of their lives. Clues will lead this eclectic group... Continue Reading →

The Work of Caitlin Doughty

I first became aware of Caitlin Doughty when I encountered her videos on YouTube; her channel is called Ask a Mortician. The videos are entertaining and informative while still being respectful of the subject matter. Caitlin is a mortician who is the co-owner of a funeral home in Los Angeles and is a graduate of... Continue Reading →

Baking @ Your Library

It’s hard to believe that a year ago it was nearly impossible to purchase flour or yeast. While they certainly weren’t the only empty shelves, hello toilet paper, those empty shelves in the baking aisle impacted a lot of people. Whether you were a habitual baker who suddenly couldn’t get yeast or someone looking for the comfort... Continue Reading →

A Whole New World of Library Programs!

Wow! We are in such difficult times.  The past year has been one of tragedy, struggle and loss for many people.  It is sometimes hard to remain positive and even more difficult to see the future.  The inability to plan or predict our future seems impossible on many levels.  While I miss my loved ones,... Continue Reading →

Media Literacy

Information access has exploded in the last 20 years. With the advent of broadband internet, smartphones and social networking, we have at our fingertips an amount of information that would boggle the minds of librarians a century earlier. This fact is truly a mixed blessing. Early excitement about the democratic and liberating effect of easily... Continue Reading →

The Life of Saint Patrick

Do you know much about Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland? I didn’t, so I went looking for more information at the Thunder Bay Public Library. I found some really helpful books in the Children’s Department, namely Joyce K. Kessel’s St. Patrick’s Day, Joanna Ponto’s St. Patrick’s Day, Edna Barth’s Shamrocks, Harps, and Shillelaghs:... Continue Reading →

Helping Children Through Grief

When adults experience a loss they can often pull from past experiences to help with the grieving process. This is not always the case when a child experiences a loss, especially when they are very young or it is the first time. What Happens When A Loved One Dies uses bright, simple and familiar illustrations... Continue Reading →

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