YOUth Review: The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller

book coverThe Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller is a beautifully written and heartbreaking novel telling the story of the Greek hero, Achilles, during the Trojan War. The story is told through the perspective of Patroclus, a Prince from a small kingdom. Patroclus is seen as a disappointment by his father, who exiles him after a mistake resulting in the death of a boy. Patroclus is exiled to Phthia, this is where he meets Achilles. Achilles is a demigod who is destined to become the greatest hero of his time. Patroclus takes great interest in Achilles and views him as a Godly being in a way that varies from the perspective of others. Achilles returns Patroclus’ interest and they take the journey meant for Achilles together. While Achilles is learning and preparing for the war, the two fall in love. This leads to Patroclus taking great risks in an attempt to keep Achilles and spare him from his destiny of living a short but glorious life. Ultimately, Patroclus’ love leads to him taking a risk too big, ending in heartbreak for both Achilles and the readers. Madeline Miller’s writing is poetic and alluring. The novel is impossible to put down and consistently holds interest and leaves you wanting more. The plot flows incredibly well, leaving no gaps or inconsistencies. I enjoyed the story being told through the perspective of Patroclus, as it tells a story many have already heard of, but through a whole new perspective. She put a loving side on the Greek hero known for his anger and blood lust, showing him as sensitive and caring, causing the readers to love him with Patroclus.

Makenna M.

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