Staff Review – We Are the Ark by Mary Reynolds

WE ARE THE ARK: Returning Our Gardens to Their True Nature with Acts of Restorative
Kindness, by Mary Reynolds, illustrations by Ruth Evans.

ARK stands for Acts of Restorative Kindness, a grassroots movement started by the author, a “reformed” internationally acclaimed landscape designer. As she describes it, “an ARK is a resorted native ecosystem”. It’s a simple yet powerful concept that can be embraced in both small and large measures. 
This beautifully illustrated book explains the necessity for creating biodiverse environments and outlines how to go about achieving this. The tone is conversational and the large font and deep line spacing make the book very easy to read.
It is both a call to action and an inspirational piece that any reader, from a climate activist to a casual gardener, will enjoy and the actions that we all can take are very achievable. Highly

Review written by: Sylva Renaud, Librarian

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